Lemosho-Western Breach Itinerary

Lemosho-Western Breach Route


Lemosho-Western Breach Itinerary

Lemosho-Western Breach Route



Day 1: Rainforest Zone

We enter the western gate of the park at approximately 7,700 feet and climb to approximately 9000 feet and camp overnight at Big Three Camp in a tropical rainforest. This part of the trip will consist a trek through lush rainforest and the possibility of interacting with a variety of wildlife.

Day 2: Heather Zone

We climb from 9,000 feet to approximately 11,520 feet and camp overnight at Shira 1 Camp in the Heather Zone. Trekkers will be travelling through the Heather and Moorland Zones, consisting of more lush vegetation.

Day 3: Moorland Zone

We climb from 11,520 feet to approximately 13,700 feet and camp overnight at Moir Camp in the Moorland Zone. The landscape will begin to change to smaller plants and you will start to travel through a more desert-like landscape.

Day 4: Lava Tower

We climb from 13.700 feet to approximately 14,940 feet and camp overnight at Lava Tower Camp in the Moorland Zone. We eat lunch and relax for the rest of the day to properly acclimatize.

Day 5: Lava Tower

We remain at the same camp and properly acclimatize. Some may decide to climb Lava Tower for fantastic views and pictures with one of our guides.

Day 6: Arrow Glacier Camp

We climb from 14,940 feet to approximately 15,900 feet and camp overnight at Arrow Glaciers Camp in the Alpine Desert Zone. We only climb about 1,000 feet, but the terrain is steep, with a few scramble sections to get over the Great Barranco Wall. We retire to our tents after lunch, in order to prepare for our biggest day, climbing the Western Breach.

Day 7: Western Breach

We climb from 15,900 feet to 18,500 feet. We wake up just before sunrise and cross the Western Breach while the ground is still frozen and into the crater rim. We then walk past the Northern Ice Field and Furtwangler Glacier. We make our way to our tents, relax and have lunch. At this point you can relax in the lunch tent or your personal tent for the rest of the day. Or you can walk to the actual crater with one of our guides. We camp at Crater Camp.


We climb from 18,500 feet to 19,365 feet. We wake up early, have breakfast and climb approximately 865 feet to Uhuru Peak, where we spend a few minutes taking pictures and savouring the accomplishment of climbing to the Roof of Africa. We then start making our way down via Stella Point, all the way down to Mweka Camp (approximately 10,000 feet) in a Tropical Rainforest Zone.

Day 9: Mweka Gate & Official Certificate

After breakfast, we continue to climb down to Mweka Gate, at 5,400 feet, where we sign the official register, have a cold drink, and get presented our official certificate by our Head Guide. We then head to our bus, where we leave for our hotel and a well-deserved shower.