Machame Route Itinerary

Machame Route


Machame Route Itinerary

Machame Route


The Machame Route begins on the southern side of Mt. Kilimanjaro. Machame is a popular route well-known for its incredible scenery. As a result, it is also the route with the most traffic.


Day 1: Machame Gate

Starting at 6,100 feet, we will be climbing to 9,900 feet. Our hike begins at the Machame Gates on the Southern Side of the mountain. During the first day, we make our way through the tropical rainforest and camp overnight at Machame Camp. 

Day 2: Heather Zone

Starting at 9,900 feet, we climb to 12,350 feet. We travel towards Shira 2 Camp through the Moorland/Heather Zone. Trees are more scarce and small plants become more common. 

Day 3: Lava Tower

Starting at 12,350 feet, we climb to 13,100 feet. We hike towards the Lava Tower for the night. The landscape becomes more and more desolate as desert starts to take over. The views of the Great Breach Wall are fantastic from this camp, probably better than anywhere else on the mountain. We camp at Baranco Camp.

Day 4: Great Barranco Wall

Today's mission is to climb over the Baranco Wall and reach the Karanga Valley Camp. It is a short distance, but it gives our bodies what we need to acclimatize. We camp at Karanga Camp.

Day 5: Barafu Camp

Starting at 13,100 feet, we climb to 15,250 feet. We will be hiking to Barafu Camp, which is near the peak, and as a result provides us with perfect views to take pictures. We will be going to sleep at about 7 pm, in order to wake up at 11 pm for our summit climb. We camp at Barafu Camp.


Starting at 15,250 feet, we will climb to 19,365 feet. We will wake up at 11 pm the night before and start our climb of approximately 4,000 feet to the summit for an amazing sunrise. We descend via Stella Point, all the way down to Mweka Camp (10,000 feet) in the Tropical Rainforest Zone.

Day 7: Mweka Gate & Official Certificate

After breakfast, we continue to climb down to Mweka Gate, at approximately 5,400 feet, where we sign the official register, have a cold drink, and get presented our official certificate by our Head Guide. We then head to our bus, where we leave for our hotel and a well deserved shower.